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"Santiago is the most flourishing garden in the world, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards that make good and abundant wine." Quoted from Tibaldo de Toledo "General view of the continuous wars and difficult conquest of the great Kingdom and Province of Chile." 17th Century.

Chile is a wine producing country with a tradition of more than 400 years. The Conquistadores introduced the first wines, production at the time being in the hands of different religious orders that settled in the country. Three centuries later, around 1850, the Chilean aristocracy began to look at wine production as a serious commercial business. At this time French oenologists were employed to teach the French technology to improve the quality of Chilean wines. In 1851 the Chilean wine growing industry had a great transformation when Mr Ochagavia introduced the best French varieties of vitis vinifera: Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Semillon.

Today the Chilean wine industry is both buoyant and successful and Chilean wines are available all over the world in restaurants, bars and supermarkets.

Tours to the main wine producing areas of the central region, like the Maipo, Rapel and Colchagua Valley, can be arranged from Santiago on request.

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