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  La Paz & Tiwanaku

la Paz This is the highest 'capital' in the world at 3,600 m (12,000 feet), and has one of the most impressive settings, situated at the bottom of a huge canyon with the Illimani mountain as a backdrop. The city boasts colonial architecture, picturesque streets that climb the hills and character full Indian markets where the colourful vendors offer a range of unusual products.

From la Paz many day excursions can be organised including Tiwanaku, lake Titicaca, Chacaltaya, Coraico and the Yungas .

Tiwanaku This is the main archaeological site in Bolivia, located 72 kms west of la Paz. The Tiwanaku was undoubtedly one of the last highly developed civilizations in the Americas extending its empire to the Titicaca lake area and the neighbouring areas. Among the ruins, the most outstanding building is the Kalasasaya where we found the famous Gate of the Sun



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