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Documentation required to enter Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Passport with a minimum validity of six months for UK and EC citizens, no visa is required. A return or onward ticket.
Health requirements to visit Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. No vaccinations are required but recommendations may include taking precautions against typhoid, hepatitis A and tetanus. It is always wise to check with you doctor before travelling. If you plan to travel to the Amazon area, inoculation against Malaria and Yellow Fever is usually advised.
High altitude: many excursions in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile will include visits and overnight stays at altitudes of well over 9,000 feet (and up to 15,000). It is therefore recommended that  those with a heart or lung condition or with blood pressure  check with their doctor before making plans to visits areas at high altitude.
Currency Chile Peso (CLP, locally$). In Chile, US Dollar (cash or travellers’ cheques) are recommended for travel all over the country, although in Santiago you can obtain the official rate £ Sterling and Euros at Bureau de Change (casas de cambio) located in Augustinas Street and in Providencia. Visa and MasterCard holders can obtain Chilean pesos from cash-point machines throughout  the country.
In Peru and Bolivia US Dollar, cash and travellers’ cheques are recommended. In Argentina the use of credit cards is widely accepted, except in remote areas. Due to the economic situation, we recommend taking US cash in small denominations. Travellers’ cheques often attract heavy commission charges and the exchange rate can be very poor.
The use of credit cards is nowadays more limited and it is not always possible to obtain Argentine currency from cash points.
In the largest cities, hotel accommodation is comparable to that in Europe. However, in remote places and rural areas the star rating system cannot be paralleled to European standards. We have chosen hotels for their character, location and comfort.
International and domestic flights are not included in our itineraries. Chile Tours can advise you regarding routes and connections and also assist you with your reservations. All airline tickets must be purchased directly through the airline or the ATOL licensed agent nominated by the airline.
Some of the areas featured in this brochure have a very basic level of services and tourist infrastructure. You must therefore realise that travel and other arrangements can sometimes be problematic. Chile Tours cannot be held responsible for problems due to delays, cancellations, adverse weather conditions, political events and unforeseeable occurrences or the effects thereof.
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