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   Chiloe Island

Chiloe Island is separated from Continental Chile by the Chacao Channel. A 30 minutes ferry operates daily between Pargua and Chacao. Life in the island and archipelago during colonial times until the end of the XIX century was hard due to the poverty and isolation.

The history, geographical isolation and climate of Chiloe Island have contributed to create a unique culture. This is reflected in its architecture, music, gastronomy and traditions.

The “Chilotes”, as the inhabitants are known, have created a wonderful world full of imagination and superstition. Their mythology is rich and unique and has given rise to a belief in characters and phantoms such as the Pincoya (mermaid), the Trauco, an evil male witch, and the Caleuche (ghost boat).

One of the main attractions of the island are its 150 churches, 16 of them have been recently declared World Heritage of Mankind by Unesco. The main characteristic of these buildings is that they are completely made of wood.

The people of Chiloe are hospitable, warm and very friendly. CharlesDarwin during his visit in 1834 remark on the humble politeness and simplicity of its inhabitants.


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