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Argentina's capital city is considered "the Paris of South America"; such is its reputation for fashion
, sophistication and tile high life of its sons and daughters...

This region is still a hidden corner. It offers great panoramas of the barren Andes that in some areas hove the most unusual colours due to the minerals contained in the rocks...

One of the highlights of any visit to South America, the falls are located where the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay converge in a sub-tropical paradise...

Argentinian Patagonia has many faces but it is perhaps that of San Carlos de Bariloche and its hinterland which is the most beautiful, and the most dramatic.

Argentina’s Atlantic costs boasts one of the most easily accessible and richly diverse marine wildlife areas in the Americas , home to penguins, whales...

The Skorpios Sea Cruises take you to the nearest glacier to the Equator, San Rafael at 46,7  south latitude. equivalent to the Loire Valley in the Northern  Hemisphere.
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