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     TOUR CH-22 Patagonian Channels and Fjords (MV Magallanes)


One of the best adventures that you can enjoy in southern Chile is the navigation between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales (both ways). Sailing from the Angelmo Ferry terminal in Puerto Montt towards the archipelago of Chiloé, the impressive view of the Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes forms a spectacular panorama.

We will navigate the Golfo de Penas (Gulf of Sorrows) which, being loyal to its name, will test your maritime tolerance! The calmed waters return once we enter the Messier Channel and the Angostura Inglesa, a very narrow passage that will make you believe our vessel might not fit through it! We anchor in front of Wellington Island, where the M/V Puerto Eden (not the M/V Magallanes) makes a brief stop at Puerto Eden. (no passenger disembarkation).

The trip then continues through the channels and islands, thick with dense native forest, largely untouched by humanity. During the navigation, the fjords become narrower and majestic cascades discharge from the mountain tops. Overall, however, there is an overwhelming sensation of silence.

At the end of the journey, you will disembark in Puerto Natales, gateway to Paine National Park


All prices are per person

Cabins Deck Low Season High Season
AAA, Single M/V Magallanes £715 £1042
AA, Single M/V Magallanes £642 £1000
A, Single M/V Magallanes £521 £891
C Berths (dorm) M/V Magallanes £166
AAA, Twin M/V Magallanes £382 £530
AA, Twin M/V Magallanes £340 £509
A, Twin M/V Magallanes £279 £455
C Berths (dorm) M/V Magallanes £166 £21

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