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Day 1: Saturday: 11:00 HRS. Departure from Skorpios Terminal in Chinquihue, Puerto Montt, sailing through the Llanquihue Archipelago, the Gulf of Ancud and the Chiloé Archipelago. Crossing the Corcovado Gulf at midnight.

Day 2:  Sunday: Navigation through the Moraleda and Ferronave channels. Arrival to Puerto Aguirre (11:00 app), a remote fishing village. Departure from Puerto Aguirre at around 13:00 hrs. Sailing through the Ferronave, Pilcomayo and Costa Channels. At around 21:30 hrs the vessel anchors in Punta Leopardos, 20 miles far from San Rafael Glacier.

Day 3: Monday: Cut through the San Rafael bay and Témpanos Channel to anchor two kilometers far from the glacier at around 09:00 hrs. Excursions in motorboats around the multicolored glaciers, if the weather allows to. In the afternoon, the vessel moves closer to the glacier. Departure from the Glacier to the Quitralco Fjord in the evening.

Day 4: Tuesday: At Quitralco Fjord the passengers can enjoy the thermal baths in indoor and/or outdoor pools. Excursions in motorboats around the Fjord are done during the morning. In the evening, departure to Chiloé sailing through the Moraleda and Pérez Norte Channels.

Day 5: Wednesday: Sail through the Leucayec Channel, the Chonos Archipelago, across the Corcovado Gulf to arrive at Queilen. Sail through the Yal Channel and the Castro Estuary. Arrival to Castro at around 19:00 hrs.

Day 6: Thursday: In Castro the passengers can visit the handicraft local market, the Museum and the Cathedral. An optional excursion to Chonchi can be taken. Departure from Castro at midday, sailing through the Castro Estuary, Lemuy Channel, Dalcahue, Quicaví, Calbuco. Gala Dinner at 21:00 hrs. Arrival at Skorpios terminal in Puerto Montt at midnight.

Day 7: Friday: Breakfast at 07:00. Transfer to the airport.


Extra Night Classic Route San Rafael

Offered on Friday before the ship sets sail, cost: US$130.- per passenger (2009-2010 season).



  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Welcome drink
  • Dinner
  • Lodging on board
  • Breakfast

At 18.00 of Friday’s, you are welcome on board.

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